Association of Women in Water, Energy,
and Environment (AWWEE)

The mission of the Association of Women in Water, Energy and Environment (AWWEE) is to advance the education of women in the fields of water, energy and environment through multiple forums for learning, sharing and growth. AWWEE achieves this mission by organizing and hosting educational events, as well as through our recently launched mentoring program. Since formed in 2007, AWWEE has grown to over 950 members – from individual members and students to employees of many of California’s largest water and energy organizations. AWWEE hosts 20+ educational events each year across California for members and guests. Learn more about AWWEE at awwee.org.

The Climate Registry

The Climate Registry (TCR) is making global warming history. Our mission is to empower our generation to reduce its carbon footprint by helping organizations measure, track and manage their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories. TCR operates the only voluntary carbon reporting program that is backed by U.S. state governments, provides hands-on support and service, and that generates transparent, consistent, and credible data needed to make reductions. TCR’s expertise is also utilized internationally to develop and implement GHG reporting and management programs outside of North America.

Green Media Creations

Green Media Creations works with public agencies and green private companies to assist in promoting their services and products through PR/OUTREACH, EDUCATION and MARKETING. GMC teaches an array of workshops, offered in different languages, which help attendees gain
a better understanding of their environment and natural resources.

Lincus, Inc. - WISE™ Program

The Lincus Water Infrastructure System Efficiency (WISE™) Program was selected by SCE, PG&E and SDG&E through a competitive bid process to offer technical assistance and energy efficiency incentives to their water and wastewater Customers. WISE™ Program services are offered at no cost to eligible IOU customers.

Lockheed Martin

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is a state-established cooperative of 26 cities and water agencies serving nearly 19 million people in six counties. The district imports water from the Colorado River and Northern California to supplement local supplies, and helps its members to develop increased water conservation, recycling, storage and other resource-management programs.

SCE Customer Service Information Governance Organization (CS IGO)

CS IGO is a privacy and compliance team dedicated to protecting customer privacy and improving Southern California Edison's adherence to privacy laws and regulations.

SCE Engineering and Design Solutions

The Engineering and Design Solutions (E&DS) team delivers advanced technical and design advisory services covering a wide array of new construction and retrofit integrated demand side management (IDSM) opportunities. The E&DS team consists of engineers, architects, technical specialists, and analysts who work with customers, consultants, designers, builders, and architects to incorporate energy efficiency and demand response technology solutions into both non-residential and residential building design and operations.

SCE Foodservice Technology Center (FTC)

The Foodservice Technology Center at SCE is an industry-renowned, on-of-a-kind demonstration kitchen that showcases the latest energy-efficient commercial foodservice technologies.

SCE Hydraulic Pump Test Program

SCE’s Hydraulic Pump Test Program is one of the state’s oldest efficiency efforts and the company’s first formal conservation program.  Started in 1911, the free service was originally intended to assist farmers in their early efforts at irrigating an arid Central and Southern California.  Since then, the department has evolved to a comprehensive water and energy management service that includes assisting water suppliers with the efficiency delivery of water to homes and businesses through SCE’s service territory.  Over the years, the art of pump testing has not changed; the skilled professionals still collect the same types of measurements they did 100 years ago.  However, the Hydraulic Services Department has taken it to a completely new level, by using state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, pursuing complex industrial pumps and systems, and finding creative solutions to meet the increasing challenges faced by SCE’s water customers.

SCE Large Power Demand Response Programs

Manages commercial Demand Response Programs where customers reduce energy consumption during hours of peak demand to assist relieving stress on the grid.

SCE Outage Outreach & Education


SCE Rate Analysis & Data Solutions

Expertise involving complex rates, tariffs, customer programs, rate analyses, load profiles, Edison Smart Connect (ESC) metering and interval usage data, along with customer self-generation, Standby and Net Energy Metering (NEM) programs.

SCE Tool Lending Library

The Tool Lending Library offers the tools and knowledge you need to make your home or business more energy efficient. Tools are loaned at no charge!


These programs are funded by California utility ratepayers and administered by SCE under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. Funding for these programs is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis until allocated funds are exhausted, or December 31, 2015 whichever comes first. These programs may be modified or terminated without prior notice. Additional terms and conditions apply.