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Alondra Darrington

Technical Specialist

Rate Analysis & Data Solutions

Southern California Edison

Alondra Darrington is a technical specialist/scientist in Business Customer Division's Rate Analysis and Data Solutions team. She has been with Southern California Edison (SCE) for 15 years, and is currently responsible for managing SCE’s Standby administration support processes, along with performing and presenting technical rate analyses comprising of a basic, medium, complex, and/or special nature. She provides subject matter expertise to management and internal/external clients involving complex rates, rules, tariffs, customer programs, rate analyses, load profiles, Edison SmartConnect® metering and interval usage data, along with customer self-generation/Net Energy Metering programs.

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Amy Olson

Account Manager

Local Government & Partnerships

Southern California Edison

Amy Olson is an account manager in the Business Customer Division of Southern California Edison. She serves as a trusted energy and Edison advisor to customers in the water segment. Out of the 50,000 square miles of Edison territory, Amy assists customers in the Eastern region of the state with a wide range of sizes and challenges. She has worked at Edison for the past 10 years and enjoys assisting customers in gaining efficiencies and finding ways to stretch their energy budget.

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David Rivers

Technical Specialist

Emerging Products

Southern California Edison

David has worked with Southern California Edison (SCE) sharing 35 years of experience as a technical product manager for commercial and utility program areas of integrated products and services, DSM strategies, building compliance codes and standards, and specialized DER pipeline delivery channels. Leads formulation of strategies and recommended initiatives for cross functional regulatory and policy issues in collaboration with Customer Service, Transmission & Distribution, and other SCE business units; also directs a diverse team of subject matter experts that provide specialized technical support for these building automation, distributive energy resources and Water/Energy Nexus activities.

Eduyng Castano

Senior Manager

Interconnections Processes & Controls

Southern California Edison

Eduyng manages the Interconnections Processes and Controls group within Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Grid Contracts. His main responsibility is to ensure that SCE complies with the interconnection processes established by the California Public Utility Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for projects interconnecting to SCE’s electrical system.

Eduyng joined SCE in 2004 as a contract negotiator in Power Procurement. Since then, he has held various positions in Power Procurement and in Transmission and Distribution. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Mathematics. He has also attended graduate schools in the fields of Operations Research and Petroleum Engineering.

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Eric Seilo

Project Manager

Air & Climate

Southern California Edison

Eric Seilo joined Southern California Edison (SCE) in 2011 and is currently a project manager in the Air and Climate group focused on Transportation Electrification policy and investment strategy. His role is centered on advancing the utility’s role in accelerating transportation electrification through developing charging infrastructure deployment strategies, facilitating programs to incentivize greater EV adoption, and influencing emerging state regulatory policies related to TE.

Most recently, Eric led SCE’s half-billion dollar proposal to electrify medium-duty, heavy-duty and non-road goods movement vehicles across Southern California. Eric began working on TE issues in 2013 as part of the Integrated Planning and Strategy group where he analyzed TE market potential and developed strategic recommendations to guide future business operations. This eventually lead to developing the design and filing of the Charge Ready Program – a proposal to install up to 30,000 charging stations at long-dwell locations throughout SCE territory. Eric also helped design and develop SCE’s Clean Fuel Reward, a program which will redistribute revenue from the sale of Low Carbon Fuel Standard credits to owners of electric vehicles.

Eric holds an M.A. from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and a B.A. from the University of Southern California.

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Jay Madden

Senior Engineer

Engineering Project Management

Southern California Edison

Jay Madden is a Mechanical Engineer at Southern California Edison where he manages projects related to emerging HVAC and whole building technologies that save energy and reduce peak electricity demand. He has 30 years’ experience designing HVAC, plumbing, and medical gas systems for hospitals, data centers, laboratories, and educational facilities. Jay is a registered mechanical engineer in the State of California and a LEED-accredited professional.

Jay has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from California State Polytechnic State University, Pomona.

Kathryn Mickaliger

Contract Manager

Customer Distributed Resources Products

Southern California Edison

Kathryn Mickaliger has been working for Southern California Edison (SCE) since 1989. She is currently a contract manager for the Customer Distributed Resource Products group where she manages all of the Solar and Solar plus Energy Storage contracts. Previous to this position she has worked in various departments and positions within SCE such as the vendor deployment manager for Edison SmartConnect® responsible for the installation of 4.9 million meters in all of SCE’s territory, project manager in Energy Efficiency managing the Oil, Petroleum, and Beverage contracts, supervisor of Mass Customer Billing, and supervisor in the Meter Services Departments.

Kelly Takai, A.S., CLIA, C-27, QWEL Certified

Lead Instructor & Curriculum Developer

Green Media Creations

Takai has worked on irrigation systems for many years, which includes the design and installation of irrigation systems and their individual components. Takai has conducted water-use surveys for a number of cities and educational institutions ranging from grammar schools to universities. He is involved in every aspect of accumulating information for the final report including conducting a water survey and allocating water use, to presenting the final report to the agency.

Takai is the lead instructor and curriculum developer for Green Media Creations (GMC). He instructs GMC’s proprietary WaterWELL workshops and Metropolitan Water District’s California Friendly Landscape Training (CFLT) and Residential Turf Removal Training programs. As an instructor and surveyor, he educates professional landscape maintenance personnel on irrigation systems and installations, as well as residential homeowners on water conservation, sustainable gardening and landscape maintenance techniques. Takai is a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA) through the Irrigation Association, WaterSense Partner and Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL).

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Luis Lara

Business Analyst

Outage Outreach & Communication

Southern California Edison

Luis Lara began his career with Southern California Edison (SCE) in 2008 with the Local Public Affairs’ Government Education Resource Team (GERT). GERT’s focus was to educate local governments and communities about SCE projects as well as proactively identify and execute upon public involvement opportunities. Luis then continued to support SCE’s commitment to local communities in the Business Customer Division (BCD) by serving as an analyst and account manager. Today, Luis continues to serve business customers and local governments in the outage communications space.

Maribel Sandoval

Technical Specialist

Rate Analysis Center of Expertise

Southern California Edison

Maribel Sandoval is a technical specialist in Business Customer Division’s Rate Analysis Center of Expertise. She has been with Southern California Edison for 20 years and provides a broad portfolio of premier rate analyses and technical consultation services designed to engage and educate customers about their available rate options and demand response programs. She reviews and performs complex rate analyses, which include working with large datasets to develop hourly customer load profiles, usage forecasts, and estimates of electricity charges for all size customers.  Maribel’s goal is to assist customers with identifying and taking service on the most optimal applicable rate option.

Steve Villegas, C.E.M.

Technical Specialist

Pump Test & Hydraulic Services

Southern California Edison

Steve Villegas is a Technical Specialist 3 for Southern California Edison’s Pump Test & Hydraulic Services department. Steve performs approximately 400 pump efficiency tests a year for agricultural, municipal and industrial water users in the Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. As a “technical customer service” representative, he is responsible for helping customers recognize potential energy savings through system improvements for wells and booster pumps. Steve began his career with Edison as a meter reader in 1999 and was added to the pump test department in 2002. A graduate from Pepperdine University, Steve is a Ventura County AWA Board member and is certified as a Grade D2 Water Distribution Operator, a Level 1 Motor Vibration Analyst and Level 1 Infrared Thermographer.

These programs are funded by California utility ratepayers and administered by SCE under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. Funding for these programs is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis until allocated funds are exhausted, or December 31, 2015 whichever comes first. These programs may be modified or terminated without prior notice. Additional terms and conditions apply.